Name: Akira Hikaru

Age: 13

  • Normal
  • No school uni. ^.^
  • When she's with Saki

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 17th

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food: Stewberries

Favourite Drink: Water

Guardian Character(s): Saki 


Akira has long red hair, but ties it up in pony tails. She also has purple eyes, and for skool, she wears what everyone else does, but wears a red hoodie jumper.

  • More coming soooooon!*


A few words to say about Akira is that she's always hyper and happy to help. She can be dump sometimes, and even act it, but really she's smart and does her work in secrete. Her dream is to play music, since she loves music more then anything, and her mother is a great singer and is great at playing the keyboard and violin, so wants to follow her footsteps. 


Character Change:Edit

When Akira and Saki Character Change, a music note/a pink bow appears on her head, and suddenly starts playing some music, and or goes really really hyper and wants people to join in all the time. But when it finishes, Akira get's slightly embarrassed about all this.

Character Transform:Edit