This is where you insert your characters name (This is the Kanji of your character's name, here is where you write their name surname first, first name last) now provide a brief description of your character.

Character's name
Insert image
Name Character's name
Kanji Character's name in Kanji
Birthday Your character's birthday
Blood Type Your character's blood type.
Age Their age
Height Their height
Gender Your character's gender
Eyes and Hair Color of your character's eyes and hair
Team Who your character is affiliated with (EX: Guardians or Easter)
Japanese Voice Voice actor for your character

Appearance Edit

Describe your characters appearance. Go into as much or as little detail as you want, but remember: the more information you provide, the better image of your character someone can picture!

Favorites and Least Favorites Edit

What does your character like? What does your character hate? Why?

History Edit

Give a brief look on your character's past.

Guardian Character(s) Edit

Name of your GC here Edit

Insert image

This is where you put a picture of your Chara

Give a brief description of the appearance of the Guardian Character as well as why they were born. You can also mention relationships and friendships that your Chara may have. Don't forget to make a main article for your Chara!

Powers Edit

Character Change Edit

Talk about your Character Changes here. What does your Chara make your character do? How do they act? Can they control themselves while in the transformation?

Character Transformation Edit

Here you talk about your Character Transformation. What does your character look like while transformed? What are their powers? Weapons?

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Talk about your character's family. Do they have brothers or sisters? Where are their parents? How do they feel about your character?

Love Life Edit

This is the most self explanatory. Who does your character have a budding romance with?

Aliases Edit

Any names that other characters may call your character that isn't their name.

(EX. Tadase may be called Tada-chi by Yaya or he may be called The Kiddy King by Ikuto)

For a full example, See Also: Kaori Ayaka Edit