Rukia (ルキア [Rukia]is an original character owned by Tohko.Fan.Otaku and her alternative account OtakuSeiko&TohkoFan.

Character's name
Name Rukia
Kanji ルキア
Birthday April 22nd
Age 15
Height 1.68 Metres tall
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair

Black hair and blue eyes

Team Black Rabbit (previously)
Japanese Voice Seiko Yoshida


[show]==Appearance Edit== Rukia wears a white faced with red mouth and eyes smiley hair clip, Her hair is black and short spicked on the ends. Rukia wears a long sleeved grey dress with red eyes and white frillings on the end of the dress, She also wears a neck-lenght black shirt underneath. Rukia wears grey tights with red boots.

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