Tsumugi akiyama

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Name: Tsumugi Akiyama

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 3rd

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Food: Peaches

Favourite Drink: Milk

>Guardian Character(s): Mitsui


Tsumugi has long-ish green hair which she tied into pigtails. She has purple eyes and is average height for her age.

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Tsumugi is very shy and reserved. Her dream is to be a model / fashion designer to follow in the footsteps of her parents. 

Shugo CharaEdit

Akemi Edit

Akemi is sociable, confident and friendly. She loves posing for photos and being the centre of attention. She has a range of clothes, but her favourite is a blue vest and shorts.

Akemi represents Tsumugi's desire to be confident and sociable.

Likes: Posing

Hates: Being alone


Character ChangeEdit

When Tsumugi Character Changes with Akemi, a sunflower will appear in her hair and makes her confident and friendly. The problem is, she can often go over confident causing her to get very embarrassed when she changes back.

Character TransformEdit

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Tsumugi's mother was a model and her father was a designer and photographer. They died when she was very young, so her memories of them are vague. Since then, she's been moved from family to family, never settling in or being comfortable - this is where her shy nature came from.C [[Category:OCs ]]